frpm tube to bag

We Collect old inner bike tubes, tires or belts

Bike shops, bike factories and people like you are amongst the donors for our stock of old bike tubes. Indeed, anyone is welcome to participate and will be listed on our recycling partners page. If you are a bike shop owner let your customers know about your commitment to reducing waste.

We wash, cut and dry

Old inner tubes don't come in our laboratory clean and ready to be used, thankfully washing them is not a difficult task as this can be done by using regular water and soap. before cleaning the tubes we have to cut them in stripes and sometimes we need to use alcohol on a rag to remove rust stains. Once washed is time for hanging the tube stripes to the sun and let them dry.

Our ladies will sew to perfection

We have a fantastic team of ladies from hill tribe villages that are the power of our drive and they are the expert in design, cut, sew and assemble of all our products. We promote a sustainable development by securing their rights as well as a higher social and environmental Standard.

TUBe is a Social Enterprise steered in by the Rain Tree Foundation

Our shared goals are to help disadvantaged people in Northern Thailand out of poverty, to change the quality of their lifes for the better and to enable a better future. The organizations are closely linked and work together intensively.

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