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Our goal is to help hill tribe women achieve better trading conditions and to promote sustainability. We promote sustainable development by securing their rights as well as higher social and environmental Standard.


Women are still having less access  to medical care, property ownership, credit, training and employment. This is especially true when we talk about hill tribe women. Tube empowers these women by providing them with regular training, a fair income and a sustainable way of living


The main product we use for our bags is recycled inner tube from bicycles and motorbikes. Rubber is among the largest and most problematic sources of waste, due to the large volume produced and its durability. Normally used and broken tires are burnt, causing a huge impact in the environment.

Our Staff

Daw Hent Lay

Sewing Lady

She is the sister of Dee Na and has 2 almost grown up children, before she worked as a farmer on the field for 12 hours a day and did Handcraft at the same time and still could only live from Hand- to – mouth. A life in the mountains is very difficult. She hopes to be able to give her children the possibility to have a good education.

Ei Ei Mon

Sewing Lady

When she was little, she had already work hard to help her parents and support them, because she have 5 siblings. Now she help her younger sister financial to get a good education and a better future, but only her sister she wants to help her. Through TUBe she hopes that more girls can join her team to get the chance for a better future.

Te Ni San

Sewing Lady

She also have 5 brother and sisters and had to take care of them that her parents can earn money, but to live in the mountains its almost impossible to earn enough money for the whole family. She is happy that she can help her parents and support them financial.

Naw Mai

Sewing Lady

She lived with her grandparents since the age of 13, because her parents passed away. She had to take care of her younger sister and experienced how hard life can be with young age already. She hope she can be one day that skilled to design bags and fashion by her own and teach more young girls in sewing.

Dee Na

Sewing Supervisor

She has 3 grown up children with her husband,they had a tough life and very difficult times before ,but through this project she is happy to train more and more young women sewing and is enjoying her life much more with her family now. She is happy to enable her children a better future.

Kyu Kyu Win

Sewing Lady

She has lost her parents at the age of 10 and has lived with her younger sister from then on with her aunt. She hope to have one day a happy family and being able to support herself and empower other women to support themselves.

Khin Ya La

Sewing Lady

She had a good life, but poor life with her parents and her younger brother and she hopes one day being able to teach more women sewing and help them to help themselves.

Su Myat

Sewing Lady

She has one older brother and one younger sister, but her dad is sick, so she have to take care of herself and earn money, that she can help her family to have better, healthy life and have money for her dads medication. She wants to learn more about self support.